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Summer Smiles: Why Summer Dental Appointments are the Most Beneficial for Your Kids

Date Published:July 29, 2021
Author: Creekside Dental

Summer’s here and it’s time to get outside and have fun. Kids are off school, enjoying sunny days out and about – riding bikes, staying up later, and getting that extra scoop of ice cream just because. For children, summer usually means no more schedules or appointments. Pure, unadulterated freedom till fall comes knocking.

With all the summer activities in store, there’s one thing that’s probably not on the top of your agenda: your child’s dentist appointment.

But, maybe it should be. 

Getting your child in for their regular dental checkup has the benefit of running on a schedule – we like to see those pearly whites every six months to ensure your child’s mouth stays healthy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t book them in a little sooner and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’re scheduled in – and why not make that appointment now?

In fact, there are numerous benefits to organizing summer dental appointments both for your child’s health and your schedule.

More Availability 

Along with summer vacation comes more family vacations. With kids out of school, many families take the opportunity to get away for a bit, and whether this includes your family or not, it can mean more availability at our office when it comes to scheduling an appointment for your child. 

With others away or not wanting to commit to a day in advance, we often experience more openings on the appointment books. So, whether you prefer a morning, afternoon, or evening appointment, you’ve got the freedom to choose. Let your child’s dentist appointment work for your schedule. 

No Need to Miss School

If you asked them, not all kids would consider this a benefit, but when you schedule your child’s dentist appointment over the summer, there’s the added bonus of less classroom time missed. No need for them to fall behind and have to catch up – all they’ll miss with a summer dental appointment is an hour or so of play. 

But don’t wait until it’s too late. September is notorious for its scheduling deadlock. As schools reopen, parents everywhere collectively remember to book an appointment. So relax now, knowing you’ve got an appointment in the bag.

Flexibility for Care After Procedures

While missing an hour of school for a dental appointment isn’t the end of the world, the amount of time can increase if dental procedures are required to correct any issues with your child’s teeth. This can mean extra days spent at home, and kids home from school usually need someone to watch over them, which can mean either you (or your partner) will have to take time off work or work from home. 

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Collectively, it can add up to stress, stress, and more stress.

That is unless you book a summer dentist appointment for your child. No attending school in pain and discomfort after a procedure. Nor any school time missed because they needed to stay home. And, because children are usually home from school this time of year you’ve likely already got childcare covered during the summer months. If not, with older high school and college students also off from school there are more options to find a trustworthy sitter for your child. It’s a win-win!

Easier to Schedule Six- and Twelve-Month Follow-Ups

Just as the summer holidays work to a rhythm, so do your child’s dentist appointments. Typically, dental appointments work on a six-month schedule. So, if you schedule now, you’ll have all the benefits of summer appointments in perpetuity. No more dentist worries. No more scheduling conflicts. Now that’s a benefit that keeps on giving.

Plus, it gets even better.

There’s an added bonus you might not have considered yet – six months from your summer appointment your child will be on winter break for Christmas and New Year. If you plan your date right, you can regularly schedule your six-monthly appointments for the winter holiday break as well. 

So, when they’re chowing down on all that leftover holiday candy, you can rest easy knowing their teeth have never been healthier. You can’t buy peace of mind like that – but you can organize it.

Instill Good Habits / Follow Dentist Recommendations

For kids, summer means one thing: sweets, ice creams, soda, and more. In the long term, that makes their teeth more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and more susceptible to tooth decay. Even fruit juices can wreak havoc on their enamel.

Therefore, instilling good habits early in summer is essential. You’ll also want to follow all the dentist’s recommendations and knowing the state of your child’s dental health helps. The sooner you get seen, the earlier you can instill great dental practices for the coming summer months and make sure you are monitoring your child’s sugar intake and dental habits to correct as needed (and bonus: the summer teeth care “lecture” doesn’t have to come from you!)

You can also help teach your child better dental techniques. Mastering brushing and flossing can ensure that even in spite of a few summer treats tooth decay and damage are kept at bay. 

Top Summer Dental Tips

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  • If you’re heading off on vacation or seeing family on a trip, pack the dental essentials. That’s their toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. If you’re traveling by plane, bringing along a small travel-friendly tube of toothpaste is also a must. 
  • While soda and sweets are high on parent’s red alert list of dental no-no’s, plenty of other foods also cause future teeth problems. Starchy food like potato chips and pretzels are even worse for teeth. They clog up the cracks in teeth, creating a corrosive envirnment. The sugar also feeds bacteria leading to decay. Stick to fresh fruits if you can. The occasional treat is, of course, fine.
  • Accidents happen. This is no truer than in summer. If your child suffers a dental emergency, such as a chipped or knocked tooth, seek a dentist ASAP. In the meantime, clean the area with warm water and apply ice packs to reduce swelling. When you’re going away, it’s sensible to keep gauze and ibuprofen in your first aid kit. 

So, are you ready to get your child scheduled for their summer appointment? Remember, booking that appointment now saves scheduling stress and locks in good habits for the summer.

We can’t wait to see you! Give us a call at Creekside Dental (509) 737-0327 to book your child’s dental appointment today!

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