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At Creekside Dental, making sure our patients have access to quality dental care is one of our priorities. We realize that not everyone has dental insurance and that sometimes even the best plan option isn’t the right fit for every family. That’s why we are excited to introduce our Creekside Dental Loyalty Plan!


What is the Creekside Loyalty Plan?

Think of our loyalty plan like a subscription service you join—like Netflix or Amazon Prime. You pay a monthly fee directly to Creekside Dental, and in return you receive preventative care and discounts off of other treatments.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You’ve changed jobs recently
  • You’re retired, or soon to be retired
  • You don’t have dental coverage
  • Your insurance plan doesn’t cover the care you need
  • Your insurance plan only covers you, but not your spouse or children
  • Your insurance premiums are high, but your plan doesn’t cover much

If so, our Loyalty Plan is the solution for you!

Loyalty Plan Discounts

20% off: Fillings
Deep Cleanings
Root Canals

25% off:

Crowns & Bridges

30% off:


40% off:

3-D Imaging Grafting

Savings Examples:

  • The Loyalty Plan would pay for itself in savings with five dental fillings.
  • The Loyalty Plan would pay for itself in savings with two dental crowns.

With our loyalty plan, your recommended annual dental care is covered through an affordable monthly rate – no more worrying about having to make larger lump sum payments for your cleanings and exams. The loyalty plan lets you easily budget over the course of the year … plus as a member, you’ll save 20-40% on any additional treatments needed outside of the basics.

In just a matter of minutes, you can access:

  • A hygiene plan personalized for your oral care needs
  • Discounts between 20–40% off our standard fees, and benefits that enable you to get the comprehensive care you need
  • An affordable care plan with simple, transparent terms that you can trust
  • A direct relationship with your dentist that removes third-party hassles and costs and makes it easier for your dentist to provide the care you need

Currently, we have three options available to best suit you and your family’s needs.

* New plans require $89 lifetime activation fee.

** Savings are based on Creekside Dental’s standard fees.

Note: Deep Cleanings not included in plan.

Interested in learning more about our new Creekside Dental Loyalty Plan or want to get started? Give our office a call at 509-737-0327 or email us at

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