We are fortunate to be able to offer a wide range of dental solutions under one roof. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to provide a very high standard of care.

We offer general dentistry, reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry to include extractions, implants and crowns, and bridges. We love children and pediatric dentistry is a passion of ours! We also offer both adolescent and adult orthodontic options.


When you see a preferred provider, your treatment costs less! No dental insurance? No problem – we have heavily discounted our fees for patients who are uninsured. Below is a sample of those prices:

New Patient Visit $89

Porcelain Crowns as low as $1,150

Routine Extraction $205

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First and foremost, we truly care for the children, families and adults we serve. We want to earn your trust and are dedicated to providing our patients with excellent care and personalized treatment plans and service.

You may have one dentist you see regularly, however, you’ll always benefit from a collaborative interest in your dental care.


Creekside Dental has provided personalized dental care to thousands of families. Our patients come from near and far to experience the warm, individualized care we provide. We pride ourselves in utilizing the most modern equipment and methods available.


We are committed to helping you maintain your oral health as an integral part of your overall health and wellness.


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Kimball Larsen, DDS

Bennett Larsen, DDS


At Creekside Dental our number one priority is a happy patient. Are you part of these smile stats?

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I love Creekside Dental. After having gone to many different dental offices (due to moving around a lot) I have a good idea of what a decent dental office looks like. Creekside Dental is by far high above the norm. I could even say without any doubt that they are exceptional. First and foremost, I have never had a dental office care so much about me. I had the best service from the second I stepped in the building to the second I left. The waiting room was clean, orderly and comfortable for adult and there were fun waiting activities for children. The front desk was friendly and helped me in a professional and welcoming manner. They knew what needed to be done and were confident in their work. Both the hygienist and dentist (Dr. Perry) were great. I didn’t feel embarrassed or shamed for my non-perfect teeth. They actually gave me some very nice complements and made me feel like part of the family. Now, I know that this seems to good to be true, but it is-every bit of it. Don’t waste your time trying another dentist. Go to Creekside Dental.

I also had to add…their kid rooms are amazing. I can’t wait to take my kids there. They have murals painted on their kid room walls with hidden objects that they can look for while they are waiting or to distract them. I’m beamed with excitement that I have finally found a dental office and dentist that I love.

Shari D.



Preferred Providers

When you see a preferred provider, your treatment costs less!