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Date Published:March 2, 2017
Author: Creekside Dental

To our Patients and the Community of Tri-Cities:

Welcome to our newly created Creekside Dental Blog! It is 2017 and our office turns 12 years young this April.  We have had the pleasure of serving many residents of the Tri-Cities and caring for their oral health since we opened our doors in 2005.  The doctors and team at Creekside Dental have enjoyed developing relationships with our patients as we work together to maintain and improve oral health. your doctors at Creekside Dental posing for the camera

We want to continue these good relationships beyond the “6 month check-up,” and feel that a blog can help us do that. Our Creekside Dental blog with regular postings will provide you, our dear patient, with the following benefits:

Stay informed of current issues.  Let’s face it.  In today’s world, things change on a dime.  What is the latest in healthcare laws?  How does this affect my dental coverage?  What can I expect to be coming in the near future?  In our blog, we will address topics such as these and keep you informed of current events that are impacting your oral health.

Gain insight into the latest in oral care.  Technology is always advancing—and so is the way we care for our dental patients.  The way we diagnose and treat disease is very different from even five years ago.  Technology brings a wealth of benefits to our patients.  We will use this blog to highlight periodically the latest in oral care and how you will most benefit from it.

Get answers to commonly asked questions.  What do you do when you have a question about the best place in town to eat barbecue?  Or where to get a great haircut?  Of course, you seek the answer from a source you know and trust!  Our patients know and trust us as their oral healthcare providers.  They come looking for answers to questions they have and seeking solutions to problems they are experiencing.  You will likely have the same or similar questions and concerns about your oral health.  Our blog will periodically highlight a frequently asked question in our dental office and provide you with the answers from a healthcare professional you know and trust.

Learn good oral hygiene practices.  What type of toothbrush is best for me?  Can I use any type of toothpaste?  What if I don’t like flossing?  Do I really need to brush for two minutes?  Questions like these are definitely related to oral hygiene and the health of your mouth, but there is so much more!  Did you know that the foods you eat, the frequency of consuming sugared/acidic beverages, and daily habits also play a big role in your oral health?  Our blog posts will feature hygiene techniques and information that can immediately improve your oral health when put into practice.

Continue our patient-provider relationship.  We value the relationships we have created with our patients as we have worked together, but the reality is we don’t come into contact with you every single day.  We want to maintain our relationship and feel our blog will help us reach out on a regular basis and stay connected with you between yearly dental visits. Creekside Dental your Kennewick Dentist

Keep you apprised of fun, events and contestsLife is too short and dentistry is too distressing to do it without a healthy dose of fun and laughter.  We value a fun and light atmosphere at Creekside Dental and often plan events and contests that include our patients.  Our blog will help you stay informed of the latest fun available at Creekside Dental and how you can join in.  And certainly, Together We’ll Smile!

We are confident this blog will be beneficial to you, our patient, and the Community of Tri-Cities. A knowledgeable and informed patient is a happy and healthy patient.  Please check back often for the latest information.