Kids Zone

We know children. A trip to the dentist can be very intimidating for them. At Creekside Dental, we’ve developed our Kids Zone to help your child enjoy their time with us. We have several team members who are dedicated to making sure your child is comfortable and happy. These team members are patient, attentive, and will talk your child through procedures, enabling your child to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the dental appointment. Our Kids Zone is for children and young adults alike!
For those parents whose children experience heightened dental fears or anxiety, or may require extensive treatment, we have the solution. Dr. Mark Bottorff is a board certified Anesthesiologist who visits our office once a month. Dr. Bottorff has many years of experience helping children feel at ease throughout their dental procedure. All of the dental work a child may need can now be performed in one visit (instead of multiple visits) due to his involvement.
Our Cavity Free Club is a great reward for your child’s hard work! Kids are entered into our Cavity Free Club when they visit us for a check-up and have NO CAVITIES. Their name goes into a drawing and at the end of each month, we’ll draw a winner! The winner will receive a call to come in and pick up their prize. We’ll also photograph the winner and share the good news on our Creekside Dental Facebook page.