At Creekside, we see every day as an opportunity to learn new ways to improve the patient experience and ensure its consistency. We are passionately dedicated to providing an outstanding patient experience for everyone who comes through our doors.

An Unbeatable Team

Ongoing employee training and development is essential for any dental practice to thrive and compete, but I believe we take this commitment to the next level.

Team building is one of my main priorities as a manager because I believe that team members are more engaged and show more initiative when they know the value of their contributions.  Our patients can count on superior care because it is provided by happy, motivated, well-trained, and confident professionals.

We routinely participate in activities that help us grow and learn as a team.  Twice monthly, we all gather (doctors, hygienists, assistants and front office staff) for ‘TOPS’ (which stands for Total Patient Service) training.  In these sessions we role play, watch training videos, re-enact scenarios, and even take tests. To enhance the learning experience, we often engage in a fun competition such as a game or challenge, sometimes independently and sometimes in teams.  This social environment fosters maximum learning.  We brainstorm, bounce ideas off each other, exchange feedback, and always leave the session with an increased awareness and understanding of each other’s roles.

In addition, we conduct monthly “Lunch and Learn” sessions for different areas of our practice — and there is always a test for those! We also hold regular team meetings and quick daily huddles to stay connected, organized, and energized.

Staying On Our Game

Dentistry is continuously evolving and the technology is always changing.  Years ago, a bridge was considered the best option for the replacement of a missing tooth.  Now, implants are often accepted as the standard of care. Our doctors and hygienists all regularly take part in formal Continuing Education (CE) courses to stay sharp and current with the latest developments, skills, and technologies.

Our state-of-the-art practice is extremely comprehensive.  We are able to offer so many services under one roof because all four doctors specialize in areas beyond their general and cosmetic dentistry expertise.

Through the AADSM (American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine), Dr. Kimball Larsen completed extensive training and testing and now has the distinction of being the only accredited dental sleep medicine provider in our area.  Dr. Larsen and Creekside Dental Sleep Therapy are dedicated to the treatment of sleep apnea and the advancement of dental sleep medicine.

Dr. Robert Perry, working with experienced nurse anesthetists, extracts wisdom teeth on a regular basis, eliminating the need for a referral elsewhere. Dr. Floyd Packard and Dr. Perry provide orthodontics to adults and children, and Dr. Bennett Larsen offers Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces.

Our four doctors also work every month with a board-certified anesthesiologist to perform children’s sleep dentistry. Children age seven and under have all of their treatment completed in about an hour, and later won’t remember a thing!

And of course all our doctors routinely perform beautiful restorative and cosmetic procedures (see some of our before-and-after photos below).

The collaborative talents and experience of our doctors distinguish Creekside as a practice patients can trust for the full range of dental care for every member of the family.

Through our doctors’ dedication to Continuing Education and through the whole team’s participation in learning sessions, we are continuously re-energized and ready to make the total patient experience an exceptional one.

As a testament to this, please check out our Google reviews. As of this writing, there are 334!


Creekside Staff

– Marianne Obstar, Office Manager